International outlook for Pladway, the Voilàp Group OOH programmatic platform

Pladway is the full-stack programmatic advertising platform that knows best the potential of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) in the Italian contest. By presenting the right message to the right audience at the right time, Pladway makes buyers and suppliers set up wide-ranging advertising plans with measurable ROI, overcoming geographical and physical limits.


Pladway is currently focusing on foreign markets, with planned investments for an international expansion of its offer. The objective of this year: the interconnection to global inventory and with programmatic trading platforms, the launch of new functionalities for assisted creations of DOOH campaigns, and a brand-new website.

Transparent, open, and accessible to anyone, Pladway is committed to spreading the Out of Home programmatic culture, bringing brands closer to their targets by leveraging on the spectacular nature of OOH assets, whose audience will recover by the end of the pandemic period.


DOOH has recently grabbed the global headlines for its role in the Reddit/GameStop revolution as a powerful message amplifier. This case has proven DOOH to be the perfect channel for delivering effective and high-impact advertising campaigns. “With a single screen in Times Square and investing only $18 on a programmatic platform, the campaign effectively achieved its memorability goals of newsworthiness and memorability. “An accomplishment made possible by automation technologies that once again demonstrate the importance of data and its management” said Marco Orlandi, the CEO of the company.

Part of Voilàp Holding since autumn 2020, Pladway uses data to ensure efficient planning, both for buyers and media owners, resulting in easier investments in the Out of Home and in an economic upturn. “Programmatic DOOH allows messages to be delivered rapidly and easily, with creatives available on any screen and all over the world,” commented Orlandi.


From this point of view, Digital Out of Home is the ideal choice also for public administrations that want to support the recovery of businesses and tourism within residential areas. There is no doubt that OOH advertising contents and technologies can contribute to relaunch the attractiveness of central and transit areas in the next months.


The automation and flexibility peculiar of the programmatic allow media owners to effectively manage peaks and last-minute variations in demand, making it possible to satisfy both long-lasting and tactical micro-campaigns, both activated by algorithms that identify in real-time the best opportunity for the client and its communication goals.