What's Pladway?

Pladway is a Fullstack technology operating in Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) and Audio advertising. It allows Publishers to sell their outdoor and audio inventory programmatically and Buyers to buy it in real time.

Pladway is fully integrated with OTS (Opportunity To See) technology, which allows Buyers to get insights on how many people are next to the outdoor screens or to an audio emitter, which makes DOOH and Audio closer to Web media buying.


DOOH inventory

Publishers, thanks to Pladway SSP, will be able to map their DOOH and Audio inventory, whereas it’s in malls, theatres, subways, stations, airports (for DOOH), podcasts, traditional or web radios (for Audio) and offer it programmatically to Buyers.

Real-Time and Advanced Analytics

Publishers can access Real-Time data as well as Advanced Analytics, to constantly monitor performances and get the best out of their inventory.

Smart creative approval

Our smart creative approval system allows Publishers to get full control more efficiently.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support will guide them to initial setup and optimization of the SSP.




Buyers, having an access to Pladway DSP, can target the available DOOH and Audio inventory.

OTS technology

OTS technology will allow Buyers to get the real number of people close to the outdoor screen.

Real-Time and Advanced Analytics

Real-Time and Advanced Analytics will allow Buyers to optimize their campaigns, depending on the outdoor/audio inventory type they want to buy.

Dedicated Support

Pladway dedicated support will help Buyers understanding the DSP and maximizing the results of their campaigns.


How it works

Pladway solves the problem of efficiently buying and selling DOOH and Audio inventory in a programmatic environment.

Our DSP is fully integrated with our SSP, which makes the buying process straightforward. Pladway advanced technology allows buyers to effectively target people through OTS in programmatic, which is a disruptive feature compared to what has been done up to now.

SSP clients will also be able to get the same insights regarding OTS and automatically interface with most of the digital signage platforms used in the market through our advanced APIs.

Fabbrica Digitale is the technological provider for Pladway. It was founded back in 2000 with the purpose of realizing an ICT company not located in the traditional technological poles. The brand fabbricadigitale is composed by two words: “fabbrica” which is the Italian translation for factory and “digitale” which means digital in Italian.


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