Pladway is a new member of WOO – World Out Of Home Organization

Pladway, the programmatic advertising platform led by Marco Orlandi, has taken the first concrete steps in internationalizing its offer, by announcing that it has joined WOO – the World Out Of Home Organization (formerly known as FEPE International).


“We are proud and excited to have become new members of WOO. Pladway has now the opportunity to expand its activities abroad, dialoguing with the most accredited operators on the global scene and contributing to the shared mission of promoting the sector and its evolution,” said Orlandi.


The OOH market is expected to grow strongly in the post-pandemic recovery phase and is expected to reach $81.35 billion in 2023, according to GlobeNewswire. “In this development scenario, it is our purpose to actively collaborate with all Industry players – customers, partners and competitors – for the correct application of international guidelines and standards and to reaffirm programmatic as a strategic component in the DOOH segment.”

Joining WOO is consistent with the process of expanding the Pladway offer to the global audience, which will allow foreign advertisers to easily plan their campaigns on the largest Italian OOH inventory. Today in fact Pladway intermediates on the programmatic channel all the main OOH networks in Italy.


WOO is recognized as an organization that supports the promotion of the OOH industry across the world and offers its members opportunities for discussion on the issues most felt in the industry. “We appreciate the fact that WOO is establishing itself also in our country and we will join it in building and supporting the Italian DOOH community, to increase its visibility on a global scale. Within the association, we will spread and promote the practices of sharing, transparency and cooperation that reflect the founding values of Pladway. We believe that partnerships of this type are the catalyst for significant growth in the entire industry,” the manager added in conclusion.