Pladway and Sky Media:
Programmatic DOOH lands even at Rome Airports

Sky Media, advertising agency of Aeroporti di Roma, extends, thanks to Pladway,
the possibilities for Brands to convey their own advertising messages
in all areas of Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports in Programmatic mode.


Sky Media is known for its ability to innovate and to always offer advertisers new technological and advertising solutions, responding promptly to market needs.
In the Out Of Home sector, Sky Media is the advertising agency of Aeroporti di Roma. During the course of this partnership, Sky Media has continuously promoted and supported the digitalization of the Airport asset, promoting the integration of new opportunities for Brands.

Select and reach a premium and high-spending audience in Rome

Sky Media and Aeroporti di Roma have never stopped innovating, seeking to stimulate the recovery of the advertising market throughout 2020 and 2021.
This ongoing commitment has led to the debut of a new opportunity for clients interested in presiding over the Digital Out Of Home world at airports.
In 2020, Sky Media has in fact introduced the Programmatic mode to allow Brands to structure 100% customized Digital Out Of Home campaigns in terms of day and time of delivery, circuits and digital screens covered and audience reached in the Aeroporti di Roma network.

The introduction of Programmatic in the offer of Sky Media leverages on the technological agreement with Pladway, the platform part of the Voilàp group that supports Publishers and Clients in the purchase and sale of programmatic advertising, as well as in the management of advertising assets.
Aeroporti di Roma represents one of the main airport systems in Italy and in the world, and every year it ranks first in Italy for number of passengers.

This supremacy guarantees high visibility and a strong impact on passengers to all the Brands present at Fiumicino and Ciampino, and the possibility to reach a business and leisure target during waiting times, capturing passengers’ attention thanks to a form of entertainment that does not annoy and intercepts the audience on the move.

Thanks to the introduction of the Programmatic mode, Customers have the possibility to select with extreme precision what kind of target to reach and how to convey their advertising messages, thanks to an efficient and effective budget management based on the OTS purchased and monitoring the performance of the DOOH campaign at any time and independently.


The future of pDOOH in the Airports of Rome

The digitalization of Sky Media and ADR’s Out Of Home world will continue in 2022. In fact, the two partners are working to further expand the network of facilities at Fiumicino and Ciampino that can be covered in Programmatic mode, involving new digital circuits to cover all the targets present at Rome’s airports.
This further innovation will give Brands the possibility to convey their advertising messages in all areas of Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports, selecting in an even more precise way the out-of-home contacts to be reached with their communication.

Pladway will accompany this process, supporting both the technical and consultancy side of Sky Media and ADR’s Programmatic planning.

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