Always On DOOH: Programmatic becomes easy!

IGPDecaux’s new Always On solution has been launched on the Italian market.
Speed, simplicity and flexibility become the new keywords for purchasing Programmatic DOOH
through Pladway’s DSP and VIOOH’s SSP platforms.

The virtual event on 23 June 2021 dedicated to Italian buyers allowed the more than 90 participants to learn from the voice of the creators of this initiative – which marks a real evolution in the industry – the features and benefits of the new Always On DOOH solution.
Media buyers connected to Pladway will now have the opportunity to benefit from further flexibility, being able to reuse the energy spent on the negotiation and operational phases – and increase the focus of planning on intercepting the reference target in Italy and abroad.

Michele Casali, Marketing & Data Director of IGPDecaux, explains what Always On DOOH is: “The first of its kind in Italy in terms of proposition, Always On Deal is a new and innovative approach to the OOH sector. Buyers can build and manage their own campaigns autonomously, as is currently the case with Programmatic Web and Mobile. If the Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed PMP deals already introduced in 2020 brought with them flexibility (time, day, frame, target) and made it possible to build Data-Driven plans based on CPMs, with this new channel external communication takes a further step towards simplification, making IGPDecaux’s DOOH assets (Subways, Airports and Street Furniture) always available through Open Deals. Thanks to the technological evolution made in recent months by VIOOH, this new purchase method will be immediately usable within the Pladway DSP.”

Marco Orlandi, CEO of Pladway states that “Always On Deals offer advantages in terms of simplification of processes and operations for both sellers and buyers, whether they are large media centres already introduced to pDOOH, independent digital agencies or end customers. With Always On you can better manage tactical or last minute opportunities and dynamic DOOH programmatic capabilites, planning with maximum flexibility, speed and autonomy. We are delighted that our platform has been chosen to present the opportunities of true programmatic integration to the buyer market, sure that the initiative will have a strong impact on the post-pandemic relaunch and that brands will embrace this path, which already works very well in various foreign countries.”

We asked Chiara Cordiali, Account Director of VIOOH, to give us her vision as an SSP and from the point of view of foreign markets where Always On is already adopted in the out-of-home sector: “The market at an international level has reacted very positively to the introduction of Always On (or Evergreen) deals. The initial impetus came from the DSPs themselves and their willingness to add the OOH channel to the already vast choice of preset deals available on their platforms. Over the last few years we have seen a simplification of the way deals are bought and sold in the private marketplace for new channels, such as programmatic audio (Spotify) and OOT/Connected TV. DOOH was the missing piece and Always On Deals are an efficient and effective solution for those wanting to try the channel for the first time, but also for those who are already familiar with PDOOH and want to include it in single-channel OOH or omnichannel campaigns. The results we are seeing on the SSP side in countries that have already activated it (such as the Netherlands and the US) are excellent and have certainly contributed to the increase in investment and budgets allocated to Programmatic DOOH.”

Therefore, IGPDecaux’s Programmatic DOOH proposed through VIOOH SSP and Pladway DSP is further improved, proposing solutions capable of following the current and changing market needs in terms of territory presidium, drive to store, drive to web and in building brand assets.

In combination with typically Web and Mobile solutions, external communication is also an optimal boost to increase campaign activation and Reach, while contributing to the improvement of Brand Equity and Brand Value, thanks also to the social role of this medium in supporting public administration and transport companies.

Here is the full recording of the official ‘Aways On DOOH’ presentation on June, 23.

For your questions and further information please contact Pladway, IGP and VIOOH.